Friday, June 29, 2018

Plastering and more

Sorry for the lack of progress reports but here are a few pictures to show where we are now. The internal walls are drywall on timber frames. These 2 pics show how we insulated for sound. 1st one shows old onion bags and clothes seen into tubes and stuffed with reclaimed packaging pellets.

 And above showing egg boxes stuffed with waste fabric scraps and hot glued onto the panel. We also used rolls of old bubble wrap in the toilet wall.
Here,  I am filling the gaps in the brown layer of plaster where the timber frame showed. It needed a lot of clout nails first to act as anchors for the straw rich mix.

Jan has been making door frames from reclaimed timber beams and friends gave us 3 Oregon pine doors which all have a place now. He also made a bathroom cabinet from plywood his dad had in his shed. It's primed and ready for painting and some stainless steel legs. More on the bathrooms later. 
All the electrical wiring is in place. Next is plumbing and a challenging part- getting water up to a high point to deliver some pressure to the shower.  Boy is it difficult to find just a cylinder to act as a tank!

We are hoping for some tall volunteers to help us shorties put up the ceiling panels. No small job. Cant wait for that insulation to arrive. It will be a big step forward .
Cheers for now.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

The end is near

We are finally nearing the end of cobbing and setting straw bales. I am guessing only 6 more full days required.
Scaffolding in place to get the last 2 rows up. They're even heavier if you are lifting above your head!

So next is plastering and electrical. The plastering requires chopped straw which adds strength. Our old shredder will be called into action again.

We will start at the bathroom because technically once that's done and all in place, we can move in. Now to save for that septic tank.

Keep you posted.