Thursday, February 1, 2018

The end is near

We are finally nearing the end of cobbing and setting straw bales. I am guessing only 6 more full days required.
Scaffolding in place to get the last 2 rows up. They're even heavier if you are lifting above your head!

So next is plastering and electrical. The plastering requires chopped straw which adds strength. Our old shredder will be called into action again.

We will start at the bathroom because technically once that's done and all in place, we can move in. Now to save for that septic tank.

Keep you posted.

Friday, September 29, 2017

So aubergines need heat to germinate. Preferably over 18 degrees. I don't have a dedicated space for this right now so I am using my compost heap. I dug a hole in my steaming compost heap and put the seed tray in it. I covered with black shade cloth with a layer of compost over the top. Tomorrow I will move the tray to a new spot and remove the covering compost but not the cover. Let's see how many days until germination. 

A new chicken tractor. Again. We had to leave the last one at the previous farm. A friend gave us an old trailer so I am welding bits on to strengthen it. It gets a sealed plywood floor, nutec walls and a corrugated iron roof. All the bits and pieces are off the farm except the floor and walls. More to come...