Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So this week I have had a taste of the "Small Town Syndrome". You know- the fact that everyone knows everyone and ALL their business. I have met a lady who is willing to share her opinions on everyone she has met in Still Bay in the few years she has lived here.
I will have to have my own opinions I am sure but it really is interesting to hear all the background.

People here seem to accept crappy service and poor quality without another thought. Anyone who wanted to come in here and take on any of the exisitng businesses, would have plenty to keep them busy. With excellent service and a great product, people would flock to it. I think complacency has set in and there neds to be a shake up.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

In this little town, everything is left until the last minute. Manana, manana… It makes doing business very frustrating and difficult. However, with every whine, there is an opportunity to make a good business just by offering excellent service.

We have been trying the local restaurants and I am afraid so far they are appalling! The take-aways are awful too. We will have to go back to cooking more as we used to do. Got to plan the shopping too as not everything is available immediately or it is so pricey, to make you not want to buy it locally. Sad, as I would rather support local business. Silly and short-sighted, as it makes the locals buy out.

We 3 looking for the little holes to fill and finding big ones!