Thursday, October 21, 2010

We have had lots of interesting challenges since moving to the farm. Today was no exception. The pump died. Technically this should not be a problem for us as the leivoor is about 10m behind the house over a 3m drop. We should still be able to get water. But this is life and not a technicality.
Jan has never fixed a pump before but clever boy that he is, he has been able to transfer his knowlegde of electrical, mechanical and plumbing stuff to this. Sadly he has run out of teflon tape! I think he had 3 rolls when he started.
He has used silicon grease to seal the nuts which drain the housing before the impellar (sp?) and is about to cut up and old gum boot to make a gasket.
He has had to re-wire it as it was wired backwards and not earthed. Oh and also not sealed. Not good in a potentially wet environment. And the worst of it was, he can't see how it was EVER serviced with all the mud and gunk he took out of the housing. Perhaps our water won't be such a lovely shade of beige anymore.
But we still don't need an alarm on the house.
We took the Tradouw Pass through Heidelberg to Barrydale a while back. It was so pretty and Barrydale is an unusual little town with the highway running right through it. There are lots of places to stop to eat and shop. Many Vaalies have moved there to get away from the rat race. Worth a visit.
We stopped for a picnic at the bottom of the pass at Max's insistence. Half way up would have been better.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our newest family member has reminded me of how much a person learns in their first few years of life. And of how important "life" is. Not just to exist, because is there really a reason for living, but the amazing thing that new life is. Toni came from the SPCA in Mossel Bay and is not the Lab mix I had planned. In fact all I can recognise is a bit of German Shepard in her flopped over ears, the rest I don't know. Max is still a bit uncertain that when she jumps on him, she is not trying to bite him. Wonder where his fear of dogs came from.
She is very sweet, clever and has been very good. So far, no shoes have been chewed! She will be a medium-sized dog and we will still look for that lab as a friend for her. Soon. Can anyone sleep as well as a puppy?

Also new to our brood is Prunes- a calico cat which has been living on the farm. Perhaps we should have called her Hoover with the way she sucks down food. She is healthy and really doesn't seem to have the ticks & fleas one would expect from an unattended farm cat. She is loving and doesn't seem too phased by the other cats, puppy or Max. BTW, she too is named after a character in one of Max's books.

Next on my list of adoptees will be a few chickens. I am planning a chicken tractor to move around the farm but first off the bat will probably be just 3 and a small movable ark. I want them in the orchard first to manage any bugs as the fruit grows. The trees are so small, they need all the help they can get.

We still await the police clearance to continue with adopting our human family member.