Thursday, October 21, 2010

We have had lots of interesting challenges since moving to the farm. Today was no exception. The pump died. Technically this should not be a problem for us as the leivoor is about 10m behind the house over a 3m drop. We should still be able to get water. But this is life and not a technicality.
Jan has never fixed a pump before but clever boy that he is, he has been able to transfer his knowlegde of electrical, mechanical and plumbing stuff to this. Sadly he has run out of teflon tape! I think he had 3 rolls when he started.
He has used silicon grease to seal the nuts which drain the housing before the impellar (sp?) and is about to cut up and old gum boot to make a gasket.
He has had to re-wire it as it was wired backwards and not earthed. Oh and also not sealed. Not good in a potentially wet environment. And the worst of it was, he can't see how it was EVER serviced with all the mud and gunk he took out of the housing. Perhaps our water won't be such a lovely shade of beige anymore.
But we still don't need an alarm on the house.

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