Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Evil-looking mushroom

 After the first lot of rain, we put on our gum boots and went for a walk. Toni & Helix- our boy cat who thinks he is a dog- came with us. We had to carry the children- all 3- across some of the river branches. None wanted to be left behind ( a lot of woofing and meowing going on!)

Along the way we found the usual puff ball mushrooms (mostly not-edible) and this Red Stinkhorn. And boy did it!

It was lovely to see the river run.
Then it rained again! Eish! There is a drift which you cannot usually see from the house but we could this time. Just lovely.
Of course the dam is still leaking so all that lovely  water poured out and down into our fields. We will have to do something to try and fix it without spending too much.

We also used our indoor fireplace (everyone seems to have one around here) for the first time. We used lots of cast-iron pots and Jan did a sacrifice for he & Mom (that's a braai in case you were wondering).
First bread on the fire got a bit burnt on contact as the pot was a bit hot but tasted great. And I think we will be doing some more cooking like this because we have a forest of wattle to tame.
Next up a curry, another bread and more bones for Toni!

This a nice pic of Max digging up our driveway. Now that should keep him busy!

And finally, the future veg garden. This was taken before the rain when the holes for the electric fence were dug but not "poled" yet. The holes promptly filled with water so it took us another week before we could carry on. (The previous pic of Max shows him behind where I was taking this pic from. A long driveway to dig.)
 I have since filled the tyres and planted my first potatoes. The wires go in for the bokkies, pigs, rabbits etc tomorrow and then we can really get planting. It's so late in the year already but hopefully we will still have a long enough season to get a lot grown.

By the way the beginning of the driveway is at the end of the row of trees.

Can't wait to get going.

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