Saturday, November 20, 2010

Work around the farm

 Chainsaw Man! We decided to clean up a stand of gum trees near the house. Nothing grows beneath them because of their closeness to each other and all the leaf litter. It will soon all be shredded into it's own compost pile as I can't put it on the regular heap.
My new Silky saw was very useful to cut most of the branches and Jan did the big ones and a dead tree with the chainsaw.
 Weedeater woman! This area is next to the gums and above the veggie garden. It has lots of stumps and crap lying around. We have kept the livestock out so it really needed a clean up and so off I went. Jan was busy on the gate into the veggie garden and Max was "helping" in the background with his gunda gunda.

Can you tell it's hot? And Max doesn't like any noise he isn't making- hence the ear muffs. Between chainsaws, shredders, weedeaters and the tractor, he gets a lot of frights on start up. Soon he'll be doing it for us...

Naughty dad and Max throwing rocks across the dam at mom. And Jannie, quite pooped from trying to fill this hole in the dam. We were carting clay from the other side to tamp in and other than wheeling the heavy barrow up the dam wall, the tamper must weigh about 30kgs. I think any jelly bellies are a thing of the past!

Tomorow it's crumpets and then to finish the water to the veg garden and more weedeating. Unless it rains...

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