Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gunda and other vehicles

Jan's beloved old Land Cruiser is at the doctor's again. The back left wheel sheared right off on his way to Tai Chi the other night. So lucky it happened where it did and not on a major road far from home. And he was not hurt at all. Who knows when we will get it back- and it is the only 4x4 vehicle we have. Better not rain too hard.

Unless you count the tractor whose seat is not fixed to the body. I have no idea how Patrick (our farm labourer) has managed to stay on it. I think this must be Jan's next job so I can learn to drive it. Very useful old thing.

We have a large trailer for the tractor whose wheel keeps going flat. Jan bought a new tube and it looks like that has done the trick. Now don't drive it over very pointy things with those old wheels! Very big chunks of rubber missing from them and I don't think it has had any new tyres in a very long time.

May have to trade my Condor in for a double cab bakkie with diff lock. That should go about anywhere on the farm. Could be worse- I could have to have a vehicle for dodging taxis.

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