Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Last Friday I had to put 1 of my 5 black cats to sleep. She was not my favourite cat- I have never met such a stupid cat! But I rescued her from a night club where she drank beer and ate chips and she was one of my babies. I miss my silly Chilli.
Her daughter has also been sick and so some very expensive tests later, we will see what is up and if I will lose anymore children. I don't do well with animals in pain/suffering or dying.
Our labourers lost 2 sheep to the rooikat in 1 weekend and then 1 got sick. They did what they could but really did not know much. And what do I know about sheep?!! Anyway, I had them help me drag and carry a really heavy sheep into the shade and sat with it to slowly pour water into it's mouth.
What it makes me wonder is- Am I ready for any other animals which may die? I am planning chickens a 2 geese but it could be heart-breaking. Dare I risk it?

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