Thursday, November 25, 2010

Clever Toni finds a Puff adder

We took our picnic blanket and food (of course food, Max can't go anywhere without food!) to where we were working on our veggie garden. Max had been digging up the leaves with his gunda gunda and Jan called him to go and find a leak in a water pipe. Off they went down the driveway but lazy Toni stayed on the blanket. They were just a few meters away when Toni started to bark. Jan immediately said "she's found a snake". And so she had.
With a small amount of panic around keeping Max away from a rather large puff adder, we started to catch it. The Gunston Man (remember him?) caught it with a piece of rope and put it into a large feed bucket. We walked waaaaaaay down the bottom of the farm and let the peeved snake go into the bush. It really was quite beautiful. About half a meter long and 5cm thick. Max and I had the previous day watched a clip at Granny's house where a guy let a cobra go back into the wild in India so he was chuffed to be doing so too.

And very well done to clever little Toni!

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  1. This is right the only thing i don't like of warm climates: snakes!