Monday, September 13, 2010

Things are getting exciting!

We will finally be moving to the farm at the end of this month. I cannot wait to get out of this crummy rented house and start getting dirty.

While we have been here, we have been growing a compost heap and will have to figure out how to take it with us. I am sure it will be seen by the owners -and especially the letting agents- as a rubbish heap instead of what it is- a kajillion little happy and very valuable microbes. Now how exactly does one go about moving a not-quite-ready compost heap?
I think perhaps the older stuff will go into the worm boxes and the newer stuff into an old kitty food bag. Should work.

Speaking of kitties- these 5 are not going to be happy with me again. At least it's a positive move to lots of space. Enough for all of them to claim a spot and still be at home and safe.
We go for walks with Max around the neighbourhood here and almost always end up with a trail of little black cats following us down the street. Now I won't have to worry about cars- just ticks and snakes!

And about those snakes... This is definitely puff adder territory so I have been doing some research about what plants repel snakes. The consensus seems to be that anything with a strong smell will work as the Jacobson's Organ snakes use for smell is very sensitive. This means my permanent herb garden will be nice and close to the house for a good reason. Other than for how pretty it looks. Lemon grass, mint, rosemary, lemon thyme, garlic chives, penny royal.
The cats are a help too as they eat the rats & mice which would be a snake's food. No food = no snakes.
And it's time for Max to get a dog. He is so scared of dogs and we just don't know why. On the beach, I run towards dogs and he runs away. This will be an interesting choice to make.
We need something which won't grow too big- Lab or smaller- but not an excuse for a dog. Something which won't chase our livestock or the wild things. Something which will be Max's best friend. I have to say that a Staffie springs to mind. We will see.

And so to packing- again!

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