Thursday, December 9, 2010

Work done

 Here are a few bits of progress around the farm:
The dam wall is almost cleared and the holes are gradually being fixed. Patrick has done really well.
We have put some hurdles in to help catch some run off since we removed the shrubs.
We plan to make a small beach area and a floating jetty. Anyone for a swim?

 This is the "before" of the courtyard. Stay tuned for the after to come! Apparently the birds normally eat all the grapes but not this year. This is one reason you need cats on a farm- good bird deterent.
And I think the line on the ceiling is quite visible- that is the cleaned and not yet done, in the stone cottage. The black is the soot from fires being lit in this beautiful little house. My paint guru says I will need bonding liquid and 3 coats of paint to cover the soot- even after cleaning. GROAN! Again, it is on it's way back to being a great little hideaway. Just big enough for two...

It seems the work is endless but I am so grateful we can do all we do. We must have been preparing for this all our lives as our learned skills are coming in really handy.
Max is starting to help us with bits & pieces. His attention if he decides to help, lasts quite long. Especially if you need something taken out with a gunda gunda or destroyed. These things are fun!

We are planning to take the tractor down to the oak trees and do some clearing over the holidays. There are berries to pick and acorns to look for so we will probably get quite a bit done while Max does that. There are several dead trees- very large ones- which need removing. Jan & Wim were deciding how many strings of cortex they would need around each trunk to cut it! Could be noisy.

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