Saturday, March 19, 2011

 We raced to get ready for the arrival of our chicks. Jan is taking out barbed wire strands and putting in mesh fencing in this pic. It means 2 gates for Granny to walk through before she can come for dinner!

They are finally in. I doubt we'll get many eggs before winter but at least we have the right creatures for summer.
 We went walking around an area we had not previously explored and found the most wonderful section of river. Max HAD to get naked and have a swim. Little elf in the water! We will need to clear the fallen wattles from this area but it should not take long and it will be such a great picnic area.
 Slavery alive and in practice on the farm! Max and Jan chopped wood and Max's wagon came in useful getting it up the hill.

Below is our first haul of honey from an old hive just left to the wild bees. It was a mission to squeeze it out by hand but we got about 2kgs and a huge ball of wax which is still dripping honey. Apparently this honey is good for a yeast of sort- for mead or bread. Will give that a bash.

It's a very sticky job but at least I did not get stung. And Max had his first piece of really fresh honey in the comb. Delish! He was so chuffed.

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