Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Rain we were complaining about has come

Well as the title says...
Before- looking down Oak Alley
 After. Note the very old oak tree we were unable to pull down with the tractor but the wind blew it over for us.

Before at the lunge ring
  During- 8th June 2011
After- 9th June 2011
Below is the drift area. It's like a roughly cobbled road with water over it most of the time but it has it's dry times too.
The pic below is how it normally looks and the one below right was when we thought we'd had a lot of rain.

This was taken this morning. Jan is standing where Max was standing in the last pic and can you see the drift in the distance? It had a standing wave. Anyone for a swim? It was flowing so strongly that standing dead trees were wobbling in it's path. We will not be getting out along our driveway anytime soon either.

1 comment:

  1. Hectic - apparently our dam is overflowing too!

    Am picturing all those muddy dog paws in the house - this is a time when women need to keep their eyes and wits about them in order to keep the floor looking reasonable LOL (And perhaps put the kids on leashes?)