Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Day in Still Bay and the real Chicken Eater

For Jan's 50th birthday.
It was a beautiful day for a beach picnic. Would not have thought it was winter at all.

And this is my sad veggie garden in winter with the last 2 fat hens helping clean up snails. Just leeks, brocolli (broccoli /broccolli!), swiss chard, fennel, sage, chillies, coriander, parsley, gooseberries and the last of the peppers.
And these are the 5 new chicks. They are about 6-8 weeks old and also came from The Red Barn in George. I asked for a rooster but I think I have 2! What does a rooster mean? More chicks to increase our laying flock. And of course Jan says coq au vin after he has done his duty.

Jan says perhaps I should clarify who the Rotter is and then apologise to him/her. We have found very large prints of the Cape Clawless Otter on our driveway so we assumed he was stealing hens. They are renowned to eat hens and are big and quite ferocious by all accounts.
Well last night we think we found the real culprit- a wild cat. Not a feral cat but and actual African Wild Cat. It was so fast, I only saw a streak of white but Jan got a good look at it with it's tabby stripes and short tail. So nice to have a new family member. But all family members have to have a place and yours, little kitty, is not near my hens!

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