Wednesday, January 23, 2013

On Mowing Grass

I have said before that mowing grass is a harvest to be used for mulch and compost but I don't know that I said how long it takes to get it done. Our front "yard" is a fair size of around 75 x45 or so metres. With the mower on the tractor it will take about 2 hours of mowing. It will then take at least another 5 hours to trim the rest with a trimmer. Raking up takes a day and loading up onto the tractor trailer takes about 2 hours. You haven't even used it yet and that's 2 full days work. Better be a harvest or it would be such a waste of time!
4 Sheep and a ride on mower is my answer.

BTW Pink Fir seed potatoes. Just great salad potatoes.


  1. Oooo I hate cutting grass I find it such a futile always grows back. Best to get some sheep and a ride on mower.Its the reason believe it or not that i stick to the klein karoo where things only really grow when you water it. How did your soap sales go by the way.

    1. I agree Rae but I use it in the chicken house too so it really is a harvest- just too much of a harvest!
      Sold about half but am doing another in March so may move the rest then. All the green tea sold- sad me!