Friday, April 19, 2013

Distractions from the work at hand

 Our new neighbours who have been on their farm for a month, lit a fire to burn some sticks and it got out of control almost instantly. Our mountain neighbour could see it and called to see if we were helping so off we went. 4 hours later and very dirty, the fire was under control and we were back home. Fire is not to be trifled with! We watched a fire whirlwind jump over their game fence in a second.
 And this poor soul was hiding in our house. I think it was a juvenile and our delinquent cat caught it in the grape vines and brought it in.
After a couple of hours it was fine and released.
And this shows the last of the grapes harvested and Granny sorting the mountain. It is now all in the freezer waiting for rainy days to be made into jelly. It was a really good crop this year. Shows that good pruning and dressing with compost does work to encourage growth and lots of fruit.

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