Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Big Move

I have delayed writing anything new here as I did not really know what was to happen next. We have however, managed to arrange funds for a very small farm of our own and so will be moving at the end of September.

We have loved living here and do not actually want to leave this magical place but the time has come to start earning an income and looking out for Max's social development needs too.

It will be fun and games for the next -oh say, 2 years as there are no buildings and no Eskom power on the new farm. We will be living in a caravan and shipping container until we can build our own natural off-grid house. We'll use a steel frame and fill in with straw bales and cover with a lime render. Most of the work will be done with our 4 hands so do drop in here for a laugh!

Transmission to resume around the end of September.

1 comment:

  1. The very best of luck.

    Moving home is never easy, and moving to a caravan will be more so, especially in winter LOL

    I look forward to reading about your straw bale build and your progress with your own land. Am very excited for you...