Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I have tried to start this blog several times- without success in my eyes. So here goes again with the REAL blog.

Today we visited Eureka Mill near Heidelberg (that's in the Cape!). I used to sell a lot of their flour in Foxglove- especially when Penny Zeffert did her amazing natural bread courses.
We met Nico- the passionate miller (and everything else man). He took us on a tour and explained how they do things at Eureka.
I wasn't sure how to approach this, so this is what I decided on- I'll give you the facts and then my opinion.
Eureka does not use GM seed wheat. They do not grow organically (yet, as they can't afford to loose their crop). They stone grind all the wheat. They don't add anything (preservatives, bleaches, fortification- anything).
They collect, clean, sort, soak, mill, grade, seperate, pack, ship, build, bake- just everything- themselves.

If you hear Nico's explanation of what Eureka doesn't do, you will never use "large name brand" flour again. Why do you need to process wheat so far, that you remove the protein and good fats and then have to add vitamins for it to have any food value? That is not logical and in my mind should be illegal. The big guys should not be allowed to do what they do without disclosing it on their label. At least we can then choose for ourselves.

I suggest we all ask more questions. I am a strong proponent of READING THE LABEL but how about you try? Next time you buy something- anything- you try.

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