Friday, January 28, 2011

Could Storks Visiting be an omen?

We have been watching storks on our neighbour's fields- stalking around- ha ha! Even without binoculors, you can see their funny, halting walk. Do you think it could be an omen about our adoption happening soon? I will choose to think it is! There must have been 20 of them in the dead oak tree until I scared them trying to get a clear pic.

Our first potatoes from a tyre tower! It worked realy well considering I only had 2 tyres up and they were. not really full of soil. Our staff were suprised they weren't eaten by ants but I think it may be too hot in the tower for ants. All we found were LOTS of lovely earthworms! We'll knock over the next one next week for dinner. Eating those little earthy spuds brought back such memories of my Granny's garden. And fresh potatoes have such a nice texture.
I learnt from Jamie Oliver that if you are cooking whole potatoes and don't want to the outside to cook before the inside, put them in the cold water to come up to the boil.
You can just see a purple bean leaf behind the bucket. They have been delicous! If Max sees them, they don't even get to the kitchen! We have had green ones too but although they taste good, they are strangely pale. There have been a few Roma tomatoes but these are never my favourite for eating. Can't wait for the Criminee de Noire to be ready. Yum!
Granadillas have been great- I think curd will be good with these.
White radishes have come and gone, peppers are still on the way, various squashes, lotsa herbs, spring onions, strawberries, gooseberries, currants, leeks- blah blah blah- I sound like I still have a shop! I love my garden. We have made a teeny dam with the water leaking from the real dam. It's right above the veg garden and this feeds the garden very nicely and uses the leaking water instead of it just running into the fields. Very nice and so much more to come...

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