Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Monkey around the farm

 A new bicycle and how frustrated he was that he could not instantly ride it. He could not quite get the hang of the brakes being a back pedal but he has it now. Those training wheels won't be on there long!
 Walking through the wattle forest. We found evidence of wild pigs and of bokkies- maybe bushbuck butthe tracks looked a bit small.
 Max now has his own piece of garden but boy is it a mission to get him to do anything on it. I suppose he is only 3.5. But he does so well unpacking the dishwasher!
 CRITTER! We went looking for black berries and he hid from me. Next time I'll start walking back home without him.
 Ultimate Survivor Max with his camp, fire and net he "made" to catch fish. Funny little thing. The Calvin side of him is starting to show. He isn't grossed out by all the things Bear Grylls eats and always starts to recount them at dinner!
 Hot days require lots of water play. This kept him busy for a few hours. Needless to say I got dowsed and didn't get much done.
This is our beautiful stream. Jan says he tastes iron in the water not the tannin we all think makes the Cape waters brown. I dunno. Bears investigation. We had been working on the stone cottage and stopped at the stream on the way home to take a bit of a breather. The water was lovely and cold on hot feet. We think this will be a good place for a wier and a plunge pool as it is already half done.

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