Wednesday, February 16, 2011


 This is before after a vicious head over handle bars.

And this is after. I can't discipline him anymore. I just start laughing. Too cute. 4 is such a nice age.
 Dad & Max followed by 2 dogs and a cat, walking from Granny's house home. This is the new path we spent the xmas holidays doing.
 We went for a braai at the oooooother end of the farm. This change involves us not working ALL the time. Taking a bit of space to be somewhere else on the farm. And try to use up some wattles!

 Stuff from the garden- Quinces, grapes (SOUR! must be for wine- hooray), granadillas and pears from down the driveway on the neighbour's farm.
 The very full carob tree. And there are 3 of them. Anyone for carob pods? Even these fell slowly to the ground yesterday. 37 degrees in the shade and hardly a breath of wind. We just lay around like lizards and did nothing.

 The happy farmer. Ask Max who is the farmer and he says "mommy". What is daddy?  is always the next question. "He's the worker". That's my boy!

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