Monday, February 7, 2011

"How did you manage to get there?"

I have had that asked of me many times. Meaning how did we move from a big city life to a farm. I suppose the question is more financial than anything else. And of course that's a sticky question. If you have read any previous posts you would have seen that we have been planning and looking for a farm for 10 years. We were trying to buy the farm outright and it did not quite work out that way. Does it ever? But we are here, renting in the short term with the first option to buy and in the meantime we have the lifestyle we wanted, safety and the place to earn to the farm for ourselves.
Soon I will be telling you to start, build and sell businesses to get you where ever it is you want to be. I can only say that is where we have invested our time. And all our energy. Our families thought we were crazy. You know- like the dog chasing the rabbit that no-one could see but the dog could smell. Actually they still think we are nuts and they are probably right.
The other thing is, I think you have to believe you will get all you think about- and you will. You know all the hype about thinking you are worthy- or able. Forget all that and just go forth and conquer. All that must be will be.

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