Monday, October 10, 2011

34 degrees in the shade- in October!

What will it be like in January and February? The dogs are comatose on the cold concrete, the hens have been rolling in their dust bath (sand, DE & wood ash) since early this morning and the family is all resting. Max is wide awake but being very good and lying down. Difficult for a 4 year-old.

I think the sorbet I made with last spring's strawberries will be just the thing for a waking up snack.

We tried to work this morning but it was blowing a berg wind and 24 degrees at 7.30 already. A quick water of our newly planted tree saplings in the nursery and a rough cover up with some shade cloth is about all we managed. Hopefully, that wind means rain- and lots of it!

The roads trucks came to fix the seriously damaged servitude road into our farm- hopefully that rain won't wash it all away again.

Did I mention the owl sitting on 2 eggs? She's still there and I think it's a Scops Owl but not sure. Perhaps I can lure Mr Cape Nature out here to identify the pair.
He may want to come and see the fire damage in the mountain. Very scary with the wind blowing the ash and smoke into the house and a huge orange scar across the mountain at night. Thank goodness 2 days of helicopters and fire fighting brought it under control. Now bring that rain to help the fynbos recover!
(photos to follow when I have mastered this new Linux PC)

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  1. Rain is predicted for CT on Friday - temp is dropping to 18oC - hang in there :)

    But, agree - what is the temp going to be in Feb / March...?

    Do you have an owl box?