Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Linux and it's connections still evade me for photos.

In the meantime, I have learnt something new about hens. 1 of my 5 was not looking her normal perky self and another had a constantly dirty bottom. I cleaned and cut the bottom feathers on the dirty bottom and called the vet about the sad hen.
Syptoms: droopy tail, sitting and randomly walking alone, not staying with the flock around the farmyard
Vet's solution: anti-biotics and de-worming where you can't eat the eggs for 2 weeks (throw out 70 eggs)
Sue's solution: abdomen massage (in case of egg binding), crushed garlic in their food, diatomaceous earth in their food (worms) and more on their bodies (dusted between their feathers) and in their house (mites/ fleas), their food in a flat dish instead of on the grass (worm eggs) and more rigorous house cleaning.
Result: 2 very large eggs and 2 days later -clean bottoms and tail feathers up.

Phew! Thanks to the internet and lots of trolling to find all this info. The only thing I did not do and probably will still, is a few drops of apple cider vinegar in their water. Must get some organic apple cider from Lorraine Farm Trust- best stuff and still full of mother (the yeast that makes it vinegar).

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  1. Hello Sue
    I have enjoyed reading your blog. Gives me a good flavour of your hopes and fears, high spots and low moments, frustrations and successes.
    (WWOOF Independents)