Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The year from hell

I know I have been an awful blogger with few posts over the last many months. You cannot imagine all the garbage we have had to contend with- starting with rolling my Mum's car, bearings on mine, batteries, 4 wheel drive and other car stuff, through losing 3 (and tomorrow a 4th) beloved animals, financial woes with the rest of the world, bee stings gone allergic (weird!) and blah blah blah! It really has been just 1 thing after another and I am still without the ability to upload pics.

To solve the last problem, I will be hijacking the perpetrator's laptop so you can expect some pics soon.

We finally got Mum a new car after 7 months of hunting and a few drama moments along the way.
Our study of bee-keeping showed me I will have to be very careful when working with our soon to be hives as I had an allergic reaction I have never had before.
We will be acquiring some more laying hens and a new dog along the way although another animal cannot replace those lost. Cats we still have enough for now!
As for water supply, internet connection and huge electricity bills- the plans are along to resolve those too. (have you seen this great site Not to mention a giant SARS bill of which I knew nothing. Sadly, the 3 professionals I have paid since 1997 have not been at all professional. SARS does not care if you are receiving their letters of demand or if your accountant is. Ignorance means lots of penalties- not bliss! Eish!

We braved a 5 year old's birthday party the other day and told him to stop growing. He says bigger kids have better toys so- NO.

We have various Wwoofers arriving from May 3rd through to the end of July so we will have some help and some outside interaction (maybe a good thing or you can go a bit nuts with each other!) With the extra hands, we can begin some of the fun projects we have been putting off. Perhaps their help will allow me the time to sort out that financial demon too.

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