Friday, June 1, 2012

Wwoofer help

Well we have had our first 4 wwoofers to help on the farm. We have been most fortunate to have had some very nice people come and stay.
The first young lady was just so special and I wish Erin absolute joy on the rest of her path. She sprinkles magic dust wherever she goes.

All 4 did very well for people with no real farming experience. We got a lot of garlic planted, a serious area of potato tyres done(thanks to Melissa) and some other veggies too. We temporarily tamed some of the kikuyu- hopefully our pigs will be ready soon. 3 I think.

We cleared some wattle- at least a good path to the spring and source of water to the cottage.

I have learnt that we cannot eat with the volunteers every night or get too involved in their lives. Maybe we are too soft but we all suffer parting anxiety- especially Max. It has taken a lot of reassurance that we are not all leaving. I guess at 5 things like this can be a bit confusing.

I found I put in a lot of work doing food and I thought I'd have more time to do the other stuff- like extra school and sorting out this half done house. I felt obliged to make sure the volunteers had a lot of variety in their food and it seems it was not expected (although they all appreciated it). In future, I will be allowing them (and me) to be more independent and to be responsible for their own well-being. After all they are all adults or they would not be here.
Look forward to some photos of the fruits of their labour.

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