Saturday, September 1, 2012

Spring Planting

So on this spring day, we stayed indoors due to vicious winds and occasional rain showers. Here I thought I'd be planting up a storm so I had several seedling trays all prepared and ready to rumble. Perhaps  the actual day doesn't matter because tomorrow is supposed to be less windy and more sunny.

So far, I have 12 pumpkins/ squashes, 4 tomatoes, 4 lettuces, 4 chillies and many other seeds planted. Waiting another week for aubergines. Last week was a nice warm one and it was up to 23 deg C in the wunnerful germination cupboard my slave built for me. It's made of brandering and wrapped in clear agricultural plastic (does it matter what kind?). It has a temperature gauge. Everything seems to be germinating on schedule which is a little disappointing as I am doing some soil tests and had hoped for quicker results.
Well the next thing to see is how strong those seedlings are in my special soil. If it works well, I'll reveal all!

Picture of the germination cupboard to follow.

The other thing which has kept us busy has been clearing a steep slope and "reclaiming" the area for growing with tyre terraces. There was a huge dump of tyres in town so we helped ourselves to as many as our car could carry every time we went in. Previously, we used the tyres only for potato stacks but this terrace system is looking very promising. Again pictures to follow...

So happy spring day and this year please try to grow your own tomatoes and basil. They cannot be beaten by any shop bought variety.

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