Monday, October 8, 2012

Solar and gas- and a fire for heating.

So with all our wwoofer and other visitors, we did not know there was a problem with the gas geyser being either scalding hot or cold. Somehow, when you switch the hot on, the geyser comes on just fine but as soon as you try to balance with cold, the geyser switches itself off. I have to say I am stumped. And some people did not understand that the small solar panel cannot support their appliances as well as give them light. I guess just as well we put out some candles and oil lamps too.
And did you know most people cannot light a fire in a fireplace? Well, I will be re-painting our beautiful cottage due to massive (the whole living area) soot damage. Grrr! No more fireplace to heat the cottage. By next winter, we hope to have passive underfloor heating in place.

A nice biomass digestor and a big water tank on a tower for extra pressure with a solar pump to get it up there and a solar geyser and a clean burning wood stove and...

It seems, we always choose the difficult route.

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