Monday, October 15, 2012

Where the maize is to be found.

So just an additional thought onto the last post (with attached article I hope you read). Have you given any thought to all the places we find maize in our daily lives and don't give it a second thought. It's horrifying! And really I'd rather use ostrich vision on this but I must think about it for Max.

These are the most obvious "unobvious" places I found maize in some form:
-cornflour (Maizena, unspecified starch or cornstarch)
-corn syrup (or glucose which is found in most sweetened drinks and confectionery)
-baking powder
-some personal care products containing magnesium stearate, linoleic acid
-anything beginning with "malt"
even MSG and Xylitol can come from corn. Glycerine can be a waste product from making bio-diesel from...corn.

We just can't win on everything so just READ THE INGREDIENTS and make your best choice.
Recipes for corn-free products that work coming soon!

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